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Leslie Heard

Suffering from an abortion and miscarriage at a young age, I had no one to turn to. This made me realize the importance and necessity of a bereavement specialist. Women need a safe place to release their feelings and someone who understands their pain, without being judge and being told they shouldn't talk about their problems .

Leslie Heard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Argosy University in Chicago Illinois. She created a nonprofit organization for women called Godmother Doula. It was created to help women who suffer from child loss from abortion and miscarriage. She is a bereavement doula and a mental health professional who works with women and families seeking support from traumatic miscarriages past abortions, and mental health issues. 


Have Godmother Doula help  walk you though your healing process.Individual counseling  is given based on a clients needs.It consist of skills training and reality therapy techniques that will help the client face challenges in their everyday life. It also includes astrology chart readings , card readings, psychic readings and more. 


 Facebook: Soul babies: The spiritual side of abortions and miscarriages. Women come to the group and share their stories, and pictures of their loved babies, and find healing while helping others. It is a safe place.


Sex counseling is intended for individuals and couples who need to resolve sexual traumas and insecurities. There are a rang of sexual difficulties to overcome. No matter what the issue or concern, its the best way to address concerns about sexual functions, sexual feelings and intimacy. Sex counseling can be good for all genders and sexual orientation. 

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