Light Witch Dark Witch. What does it really mean to balance dark and light energies?

This is the age of Aquarius. Humanity is waking up to an exciting time of metaphysical power. If you have not notice, everyone is talking about astrology, magic, the fifth dimension, tarot cards, enlightenment, crystals, twin flames, and everything that has to do with metaphysical spiritual superpower. Now a lot of people are embracing themselves in magic. Transforming into witches and warlocks. Consequently, you find many practitioners only focus on spells that are self-gratifying. If you have a problem in your life, such as someone hurting you, a dark witch will tell you to hex your enemy and pay them back for what they did to you. However, what most practitioners do not tell you, is the consequences of universal law, and how that hex is going to create unwanted karma in your life.

Hexing (dark magic)

Casting a spell on anyone is actually quite simple. It does not take much to spread lies on someone or taint their name out of desperation of revenge. Those are considered petty spells. People do this every day and do not realize that they are practicing dark magic. Placing a shadow of darkness over someone else’s name to have monetary gain, is black magic, even if the person was the first at fault. Hexing a ex-lover who cheated on you, your best friend who stole your boyfriend, and a boss who gave you an unjust review on your performance will all create negative karma in your life even if you never did any unjustly thing to them before you place the hex. Not only will you receive a black lash for the spell, but so will the person who created it.

Universal law

The law of attraction and karma work the same way. Where your attention grows, energy will flow. Once you put a spell on someone, you hold a tie, a link, an interconnection that binds you to that person’s soul. The power of the hex will determine your karma. It can follow you all your life and for several lifetimes. You will notice interference in different areas of your spiritual growth and your personal life, and your spiritual growth may even stagnate. Once again, it does not matter if you were the one in the right. Universal energies response to attraction, and that’s how fate is created.

Light magic (light magic)

Magical shielding spells not only protect you, but they bless you in the process of defending you against evil. They block and shield negative forces such as dark magic, evil, parasites, evil eye, psychic attacks, mental and spiritual illness, jealousy, envy, and hatred. It works in a form of a boomerang. It reverses the attack back to its original owner. This way you will not be effective by universal law. Karma will not sit at your doorstep waiting for the moment to return the favor. It will however move the people out your life that mean you harm. You may even be surprised to find out who was secretly plotting your demises.


Many people say they represent both dark and light energies. We all have dark and light matter in or souls. It is totally up to each individual on how they carry out their life path. What does it mean to balance light and darkness? As a practitioner I recognize sending healing to a client must require me to be healed, especially in that particular area my client needs healing. Darkness is illness. Darkness represents an energy field that has not yet been touched by light. Feeding darkness with darkness overshadows light and feeds more darkness. This creates evil, more hexing will be needed, more death will be involved. It breeds illness. Feeding darkness with light clears away illness, creates blessings, strengthens the solar body helps you evolve into a light being. The more light I have the stronger my clients will be. Balancing light and darkness is really choosing one over the other.

Before you start your spiritual path, it is important to study and research different types of esoteric knowledge. It is a variety of different types of paths you can choose from, please choose wisely.

Godmother Doula

Godmother Doula teaches shielding and other types of light magic work. She is the author of Soul Babies: The spiritual side of abortions and miscarriages, a bereavement doula, fertility doula, and sex doula, and a mental health professional She lives in Dallas, TX with her three children.

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