Bereavement Doula Training 101


Lecture 1# What is a doula


Lecture 2# The importance of a bereavement doula


Lecture 3# Stages of loss


Lecture 4# Case study


Lecture 5# Mental Health


Lecture 6# Skills training *interactive assignment*


Lecture 7# Spiritual Health


Lecture 8# Soul Contracts


Lecture 9# Cleansing


Material requirements

Course books:

Soulbabies: The spiritual side of abortions and miscarriages by Leslie Heard

Reality Therapy by Dr. Glasser

Your Immortal Body of Light by Dr. Gibson


Complete interactive assignment with Godmother Doula

300-word short essay on bereavement work

What does bereavement work mean to you, and why did you choose this path?

Bereavement Training