5 Step Program

Step 1: The mirror

Step 2: Self-building

Step 3: Reflection (2nd mirror)

Step 4: Self mastery

Step 5: Nirvana

The honor system

  • The priestess  in training decides how fast they move through the program. By their own actions, acceptance, self-realization, and awareness.
  • Step 2, 3, 4 require 3 levels of achievement based on the priestess needs
  • Learning meditation techniques, mantras and affirmations are required.
  • Nirvana level represents thepriestess in training achievement through all levels of the Khushee yojana. Reaching nirvana means the priestess in training can face their challenges without fear or hesitation. They can release the effects of pain and karma and the cycle of the lower self.

Priestess Healing Mentorship